31 January 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 30th Jan. "In The Pocket with 90"

DJ Day with Miles Bonny | Still Miles
Barry White | Your Love (Onur Engin edit)
Tweet | Boogie II Night (Mr K edit)
PPP with Zeno | Fever
Cornish Waters with Duchess | Walking
Dubxanne | Walking On The Moon (dub)
7 Samurai | Marlies & Marcus
Joy Denalane with Lupe Fiasco | Change
Sweet Charles | Yes It's You
Al Green | Rhymes
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson | Ain't That A Bitch
France Joli | Gonna Get Over You (edit)
Herbie Hancock | I Thought It Was You (Onur Engin edit)
Convertion | Let's Do It
Sylvia Striplin | Searchin' (edit)
Panache | Sweet Music
Marbeya | Sancho
MFSB | Summertime
Maze with Frankie Beverley | Joy & Fear (edited)

27 January 2011


Bumps are tunes I'm feeling at the moment. In this instance, I'm posting a link to DJ Friction aka Frico's edit of Love Thang, by '70s Philly disco trio First Choice. An outstanding, percussion-based rub of an already brilliant tune. Enjoy! Just click on the Bumps...

26 January 2011

Deeper Pocket with 90 at Longroom

Deeper Pocket with 90
A deeper selection of soul, boogie, funk, proper disco & rare grooves, spun with love...
At Longroom
114 Ponsonby Rd
Stop by. Say hello. Settle in. Get amongst...

Review: The Rhythmagic Orchestra 'The Rhythmagic Orchestra'

The Rhythmagic Orchestra
[Impossible Ark / Unfold / Tru Thoughts]

As I lean back in my plushly lined listening chair in the expansive sound lounge of Chez Nyntee, with a cup of tea in one hand & the hi fi remote in the other, casually dictating this week’s Radio Ponsonby Record Review to one of my many personal assistants, a troubling thought again crosses my crumpled brow…

Why does good music like this get so little attention?

OK, so to us cynics the answers seem painfully obvious, so much so that I will simply ask you, dear reader, this: does the TV3 Nightline news team really need to be “reporting” about Justin Bieber? It’s after 10pm. What IS their target audience…?

But we at In The Pocket are not about to launch into a general rant about the many failings of the culture of celebrity while there’s an opportunity to carve some interest for a group who most certainly fall squarely into the aforementioned “brow-crumpling” category.

The Rhythmagic Orchestra was conceived & is produced by Benedic Lamdin & Hugo Mendez, two individuals with deep roots in Jazz & Latin music respectively; while the Orchestra themselves count members of Nostalgia 77 Octet, Ska Cubano, Examples Of Twelve & Jazz Jamaica among their number.

Lamdin himself is Nostalgia 77 & the co-owner of Impossible Ark, the label this self-titled debut is released upon (via Unfold & Tru Thoughts). He has long been championed in the British Jazz scene & beyond, with his work with UK legends Keith & Julie Tippett, as well as his critically acclaimed Skeletons project, of particular note to the Jazz Cats. His collaboration with Alice Russell on the massive slab of music that is Seven Nation Army, their stonking version of the White Stripes’ track, is a huge reason why he has also turned Heads in underground dance music circles.

Speaking of underground dance music circles, Hugo Mendez has generated more than a few & been gainfully employed in many more than that in his time. His own record label, Sofrito, is a true beacon of Latin-based music & he is considered a leading light in the London “tropical music revival” (for want of a better phrase). He assisted Soundway Records in compiling their outstanding Tumbele compilation & has brought tropical music to the heads & feets of many folks across the UK & Europe.

Enough nerding out – what about the music?

It’s not often you can put an all instrumental album on your stereo & have it hold your attention from start to finish. I have listened to the Rhythmagic Orchestra album no less than five times through in the last couple of days. It is genuinely compelling listening, particularly for a fan of Soundway Records, Quantic & His Combo Barbaro & (dare I say it!?) the Buena Vista Social Club.

The Rhythmagic Orchestra features some of the finest Jazz & Latin musicians in the UK, so it’s no surprise that the rhythm section’s interaction is excitingly fresh & the rhythms playful; the lyrical melodies are strongly presented via some beautiful brass playing; & it is all tied together with an understated, never overplayed, hand by a very versatile pianist. It seems as though everyone involved is playing FOR the betterment of each song. Wow, what a concept!

The Rhythmagic Orchestra have presented us with a beautiful blend of Jazz & Cuban music, well crafted & passionately played, which makes for vibrant, liberating listening, from top to bottom. The only sensible thing to do is turn the Bieber-dial down & get your stereo speakers popping with some actual music.

In A Nutshell: Liberating, vibrant, compelling Jazz/Cuban music, well crafted & passionately played.
90's Rating: EIGHT stoned bongo players out of TEN.

Listen to the Radio Ponsonby Record Review every Wenerei at 8.30am on Murry Sweetpants' Breakfast Show. Huge thanks to Longroom for sponsoring the review. Nice one.

24 January 2011

Longroom On The Regular

I'm pleased to be continuing playing at Longroom during the beginning of 2011, with a residency on Wednesdays (from 7pm) & Fridays (6-9pm). I'll be looking to roll out a "deeper selection" of soul, boogie, funk, proper disco & rare grooves on both occasions.

I'm also delighted that the Longroom Crew are still on board with the radio show too - continuing their valued support & sponsorship of In The Pocket with 90 at midday every Sunday, on George 96.6FM.

23 January 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 23rd Jan. 2011 "In The Pocket with 90"

Slave | You & Me
David Boydell | Red Light
Sylvester | Rock The Box
Michael Henderson | Wide Receiver Pt. 1
East Coast | The Rock
Phreek | Much Too Much
Candi Staton | You Got The Love (House Appella)
Hot Toddy | Down To Love
Status IV | You Ain't Really Down
The Jimmy Castor Bunch | E-Man Boogie
First Choice | Love Thang (edit)
Chubb Rock | Treat Me Right
Carmen | Throw Down
Tyree | Nation Of Hip House
Dianne Marie | I've Waited Much Too Long (Frico edit)
The Clash | Cool Confusion
Wings | Band On The Run (Woolfy edit)
Oneself | Unfamiliar Places
The Trammps | Rubber Band (Larry Levan remix)

19 January 2011

Deeper Pocket with 90 at Longroom

90's residence at Longroom kicks off in 2011 with DEEPER POCKET, every Wednesday night from 7pm 'til close. I'll be spinning a deeper selection of soul, boogie, funk, proper disco, house & rare groove, with a view to head-noddin' & good music appreciation. Plenty of room for good vibes & great friends. I strongly suggest you get yourself out of the house on a Wenerei & drop in to Longroom to say hello.

Nice one...

18 January 2011

Review: Wanda Jackson 'The Party Ain't Over'

The Party Ain't Over
[Third Man/Nonesuch]

Imagine this. You're a girl. You want to be a singer. You set out playing country music, but the exciting new rockabilly sound is your calling. Despite being told "Girls Don't Sell Records!", you become the first woman to record a rock n' roll song - Let's Have A Party, in 1958 - launching a remarkable career that continues to this day. In fact you're known globally as "The Queen Of Rockabilly" & "The First Lady Of Rock n' Roll".

You're also forever referred to as "Elvis Presley's girlfriend".

Such is the story of Wanda Jackson. Sort of.

The Party Ain't Over is her new album & despite her prominence in the rock n' roll world, it's another bloke who's getting the most attention: producer Jack White of The White Stripes.

Sure, The Party Ain't Over contains some fine exampls of rock n' roll, particularly opener Shakin' All Over, an absolute stormer that benefits from an inspired treatment from White. Other highlighs include the original rocker Rip It Up & a reading of Bob Dylan's recent Thunder On The Mountain.

Mostly though, the album struggles to really fire, as the band clatters through a collection of covers, with no new material from Jackson. A bizarre punk-calypso take on Rum & Coca Cola joins a jarring version of Amy Winehouse's You Know That I'm No Good as probably the weirdest of a frankly strange bunch.

While Jackson gained her fame from her "sweet but nasty" voice & self-assured, ground-breaking early fashion style, there can be no doubt the raw vocal power of her youth has dimmed. The greater shame is that the "outlaw attitude" which was once such a huge part of her charm is also sadly lacking. OK, so she's a 73yr old born-again Christian, so I guess I can cut her some slack, & sure, this is the real deal, grit on display & all of that - but to these ears it's just a little tired & that's not entirely Jackson's fault.

Despite my harsh criticism of Jackson's ailing voice, White really should shoulder some responsibility here. His 2004 album with Loretta Lynn was inspired & the recent Mavis Staples-Jeff Tweedy collaboration saw a gem of a record as a result.

Here we lose sight of Jackson amongst a grab-bag of musical styles, grandiose arrangements & sheer over-playing by a band which includes White's wife Karen Elson alongside old buddies - though White's searing guitar solos are admittedly impressive.

If this collaboration encourages people to go & pick up Jackson's first records, that's a good thing, because her early material is hair-raisingly exciting. Sadly, The Party Ain't Over is closer to curlers & blue-rinses.

IN A NUTSHELL: Rockabilly so badass it'll mow your lawns without even asking first...
NYNTEE'S RATING: FIVE out of TEN (and THREE of those are for the scorching opening track!)

09 January 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 9th Jan. "In The Long Pocket 4hr Special"

Suite For Ma Dukes - Nag Champa
Kanyor - Antidote
Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - Midnight Marauders
Michael Jackson - Never Can Say Goodbye (Olly Buck remix)
Erykah Badu - Honey (DJ Day remix)
Horace Andy - Do You Love My Music
Parliament - Up For The Down Stroke
Colonel Red - Blue Eyed Blak
Ladi 6 - Norwest
Ozomatli with Chali2na - O Le Le
Downtown Brown - Mr Brown
Grand Pianoramax with Spleen & Celena Glenn - The Hook (DJ Spinna Vocal mix)
The Bamboos with Alice Russell - Bring It Home (Lanu remix)
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Beggin' (Pilooski edit)
Kelis - Trick Me (TM Juke remix)
Tawiah - Watch Out
Bebel Gilberto - Baby (Yam Who? Uptown Safari Jazz remix)
Iva Lamkum - Kung Fu Grip
The Black Seeds - Rotten Apples (Lowman's Block Rockin' Bass remix)
Mark de Clive-Lowe with Abdul Shyllon - Slide
Shapeshifter - One
Martyn with d-Bridge - These Words
Gecko Turner - Monosabio Blues
Dub Asylum - Ba Ba Boom!
OutKast - Spottieottiedopealicious
Opensouls - Turn It Up! (Submariner meets Opensouls & Killamanraro Uptown)
Habitual Parking Violators - One To Twelve
Bilal - Free
Amp Fiddler - Find My Way
Grace Jones - Nipple To The Bottle
Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
Kora - Flow (Crazy P remix)
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do (U-Tern remix)
Sepalot with Ladi 6 - Go Get It (A.C. Slater remix)
GQ - Disco Nights (Rock Freak) (Frico edit)
William DeVaughan - Be Thankfull For What You've Got (Onur Engin edit)
Phreek - Weekend (Kon's edit)
Ohio Players - Skin Tight
Quantic & Nickodemus with Tempo & The Candela Allstars - Mi Swing es Tropical
Una Mas Trio - Son Montuno
Charles Earland - Coming To You (edit)
Chic - I Want Your Love
Sylvia Striplin - Searchin' (edit)

08 January 2011

George FM Playlist Fri. 7th Jan. aka "In The Selector's Pocket"

Missy E v Groove Corp - The Rain
Seu Jorge & Almaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Sleeve - My Life
Karlmarx Project - Distant Future
Isaac Aesili with Aaradhna - With You In My Bed
The Rebirth - This Journey In
Raphael Saadiq - This One
Marvin Gaye v Bob Marley - Healing In Vain
Georg Levin - In Your Car
Crazy P Presents The Syndromes - The Hit
Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie
The Ripple - A Funky Song
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love
Gwen Guthrie - Ain't Nuthin' Goin' On But The Rent (Larry Levan Club mix)
Joe Thomas - Thank You (Fall Etin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)
Alvin Cash - Do The Ali Shuffle
The Bamboos - Amen (Kjell remix)
Quantic - Perception
Shapeshifter - Long White Cloud (Floor mix)
J-Roc - Funkanomical Boom
Me&You - Sneaker Thief (Hint remix)
The Disciples - Get On Down Now!
Simpson Tune - Bring It Down (Da BMR's Club mix)
Louis La Roche with Ad-Apt - Missing You
Dizzee Rascal - Dance Wiv Me
Chromeo - Hot Mess
Omar - It's So (Druw & Perez remix)
Disco Deviance - NY Jump (T-Rice edit)
Recloose with Tyna - The Sanctuary
Slynk - Gotta Shine

06 January 2011

George FM Playlist Thu. 6th Jan. 2011 aka "In The Selector's Pocket"

Sandboy - Lua Nua (Smiles Ahead Three Trees remix)
Maddslinky with Omar - Special
Blakai - Don't Stop
Burial - Archangel
Cherie Mathieson - Tomorrow's Day
Playgroup - Number One
Spiritual South & Sweetalker Sleepwalker - Hullabaloo
Attacca Pesante with Shea Soul - Make It Funky For Me (Rusko remix)
Donae'o - Riot Music
The Wiseguys - Start The Commotion
Nickodemus with Zeb - Gibraltar (Zeb & Sabo remix)
Kahil El'Zabar Deeper Soul Project - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Henrik Schwarz)
Coldcut with Robert Owens - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz)
Chemical Brothers with Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) - The Golden Path
Colder - Crazy Love
RSL - Wesley Music
Chris Rea - On The Beach (Todd Terje edit)
Quantic & Nickodemus with Tempo & The Candela Allstars - Mi Swing es Tropical (Zeb's Reggae mix)
Zeb - Revolutionary Dreams
Greyboy with Jeremy Ellis - Colour In Between The Lines
Uptown Funk Empire - Good Time (Bye Bye Mr Dynamite)
Van McCoy - The Hustle
John Legend & The Roots with Black Thought - Hard Times
Afrodisiac Sound System - Raygun Kills
Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (remix)
Checker Kabb - By My Side
J-Davey - Dirty Love
Me&You - Brown Paper Bag (Flowering Inferno remix)

05 January 2011

George FM Playlist Wed. 5th Jan. 2011 "In The Selector's Pocket"

Starkey with Anneka - Stars (Slugabed remix)
Eprom - Bubble
Milez Benjiman - Chop That Wood
Benny Tones with LP - Odyssey
Owusu & Hannibal - Blue Jay
One Self - Unfamiliar Places
One Self - Fear The Labour
PPP with Zeno - Fever
Raphael Saadiq - I Know Shuggie Otis
Isaac Aesili with Rachel Fraser - Make It That Way
Bembe & Dego - Stuff You Like To Unload On Me
Kora - Flow (Crazy P remix)
Quantic Soul Orchestra with Alice Russell - Take Your Time, Change Your Mind (Faze Action remix)
Me&You - Last Night
Quantic - Perception (Nu:Tone remix)
G-Swing with Jimi Bazzooka - Cement Mixer
Red Or Dread - Private Life
Sola Rosa with Bajka - Humanised (Jason Eli's Groovadelica remix)
The New Mastersounds - One Note Brown (Lanu remix)
Mexicans With Guns with Chico Mann - Me Gusto
Sam Irl with Anya - African Dance
Salmonella Dub - Ez On (Concord Dawn remix)
Goldie - Inner City Life
K.W. Griff - Respect (Mooqee & Russ Cuban edit)
Outlines - Just A Lil' Lovin'
Outlines with Beat Assailant - Waiting In Line
Foreign Exchange - Sincere
The Captain - H2H
Philly Blunt - Loves California
Pacific Heights with Joe Dukie - Peace
P-Bass Expressway - Easyride (Downtown Brown remix)

04 January 2011

George FM Playlist Tues. 4th Jan. 2011 "In The Selector's Pocket"

DJ Day & Miles Bonny - Skyy, Can You Feel Me?
Sylvia Robinson - Sweet Stuff
Johnnie Taylor - Somebody's Gettin' It
7 Samurai - Marlies & Marcus
Red The Man Without The Machine - I Should Tell Yo Mama On Ya (Dam-Funk remix)
Quincy Jones - Summer In The City
Hearin' Aid with Tony Clifton - Higher
Julien Dyne - Maddingos
Moka Only - Lowdown Suite
People Under The Stairs - Tuxedo Rap
Grand Pianoramax with Spleen & Celena Green - The Hook (DJ Spinna Vocal mix)
Suff Daddy & Charles Earland - Come&2ULive&Edit
Bomb The Bass with Justin Warfield - Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob remix)
Grace Jones - Nipple To The Bottle
Me&You - Even Vulcans Cry
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - Mas Pan (DJ Day remix)
Oscar Sharp with Melo - Runaway
Reel People with Angela Johnson - Can't Stop
4Hero with Bembe Segue - Something In The Way
Dam-Funk - LAtrifying
Masters At Work with Jocelyn Brown - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
Masters At Work with Jocelyn Brown - It's Alright, I Feel It!
Caribou - Sun
Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina
Kologbo & The Deacon - Freedom Back
Azymuth - Dear Limmertz
Lee Dorsey - Night People
The Broken Keys - Flow (Pt. 1)
Malcolm Lock - Get Up Stand Up
The Bar Kays - Sexomatic
Aurra - Nasty Disposition
Unique - What I Got Is What You Need
Michelle Wallace - Jazzy Rhythm (Tee Scott remix)

03 January 2011

George FM Playlist Mon. 3rd Jan. 2010 "In The Selector's Pocket"

Shapeshifter - Dutchies
Bulletproof with Tiki - Soundtrack To Forever
Hudson Mohawke - FUSE
The XX - Islands (Untold remix)
Gil Scott-Heron - New York Is Killing Me
Dam-Funk - Hood Pass Intact
Amp Fiddler - Dreamin'
Trus' Me with Amp Fiddler - Pretend
Trus' Me with Amp Fiddler - Put It On Me
Spanky Wilson with Quantic Soul Orchestra - Waiting For Your Touch (Domu remix)
IG Culture Presents Zen Badizm feat. Bilal - Girl U Need A Change Of Mind
Recloose - Get There Tonight
Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Quantic Beat mix)
Chromeo - Night By Night
Tricky - Murder Weapon
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane
Crown Heights Affair - Dreamin' A Dream (Frico edit)
Smoove & Turrell - You Don't Know (Kraak & Smaak remix)
Seductive Souls with Donald McCullum - Dazz (Patchworks remix)
Frank Booker - Universal Drive
Jackie Wilson - Higher & Higher (edit)
Harold Alexander - Tite Rope
Bootsy's Rubber Band - Body Slam!
Zapp - It Doesn't Really Matter
Earth, Wind & Fire - Evil
Aloe Blacc - Patria Mia
Gecko Turner - Un Limon en la Cabaza
Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen - Up Against The Wall
Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (Latin Style)
Wes Coats - Land Of Music

Tune in again tomorrow for more of the same...

02 January 2011

George FM Playlist "Deep In The Pocket: The Marathon 6hr New Years Session"

7 Samurai with Angie Stone - Muzic
D'Angelo - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Rick James - Getting It On (In The Sunshine)
Sarah Vaughan - Summertime (UFO remix)
Dublex Inc. with Sandhy Son Doro - Shine (The Dynamics version)
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Simon's Dark Keys remix)
Jean Knight - Mr Big Stuff (Frico edit)
Al Green - Stay With Me (Max Kane "Slump" edit)
Huba - Mary
Sleeve - Hipness
Thriller U, Jennifer & Johnny N. - Wanna Sex U Up
Josh Rouse - Wonderful
Groove Armada with Red Rat & Nappy Roots - Purple Haze
Bebel Gilberto - Baby (Yam Who? Uptown Safari Jazz remix)
Common - I Want U (Illmind remix)
Maxwell - Ascension (Ken At Work remix)
The Black Seeds - Make A Move (Downtown Brown remix feat. Mighty Asterix)
The Black Seeds - Cool Me Down
Lena Horne - Maybe I'm Amazed
Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - We Got The Recipe
The Titans - No Time
Little Ike with Jimmy Beck & His Orchestra - She Can Rock
The Rays - Zimba LuLu
Philly Armada Orchestra - For The Love Of Money
Darondo - Legs
The Specials - Ghost Town (Revenge rework)
*Gloria Lynn - How Can I Make You Love Me?
*Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself
*Lyn Collins - Things Gotta Get Better
*Creative Source - You Can't Hide Your Love
*Slave - Watching You
The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt (extended)
Charles Earland - Coming To You Live
*Candido - Thousand Fingered Man
George Benson - Love X Love (Koko Southport Weekender mix)
Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Stool Pigeon (extended)
*Me'shell N'degeocello - If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)
*DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime
Stretch - Why Did You Do It?
Bomb The Bass with Justin Warfield - Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob remix)
Kanye West - Diamonds (J-Todd "Gimme The Ice" remix)
*Inland Knights - Turn
*Erykah Badu v The Dandruff Truckers
Louis La Roche - Get On Down
Louis La Roche with Ad-Apt - Missing You
Basement Jaxx - Music Keeps On Playing (Red Alert remix)
*Hortense Ellis - Woman Of The Ghetto
*Winstone "King" Cole - Black Magic Woman
*Johnny Bristol - Hang On In There Baby
*Stevie Wonder - Do Yourself A Favour
*Alice Clarke - How Did I Ever Stop Loving You
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Feeling Free (Hope's JuJu)
Philly Blunt - Loves California
Amp Fiddler - Too High (Wonderland remix)
Norma Jean Bell - I'm The Baddest Bitch In This Room (Moodymann remix)
*The Mazyck Project - More Power To You
*Change - Mutual Attraction
T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
Carole Sylvan - Think
The Crusaders - Street Life (Ken At Work remix)
*The Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park
*James Brown - Do The Hustle
*Maxayn - You Don't Have To Be Lonely
Kleeer - Taste The Music (LeBaron edit)
Afrodisiac Soundsystem - Italo Nitro
Gary Byrd & Stevie Wonder - The Crown (edit)
*Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up Kane!
*Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz
Quantic Soul Orchestra v Blackstreet - No Diggity (B.Cause edit)
? - Feel-Good-La
? - I Want Your Message
Kinny - Queen Of Boredness
*Alice Russell - High Up On A Hook
*Brenda George - I Can't Stand It

Wow. Propers to my mate Jay "Fat Albert" Jeffery for dropping science on the show today. All selections marked with a * come courtesy of Jay himself. Nice one...