30 May 2011

George FM Playlist Monday 30 May "In The Driver's Pocket"

Back on the wireless again today covering for the one and only Thane Kirby, for the Monday Drive Show on George FM. Check out the choice DJ's choice tracks in there...

Holy Ghost! | Do it Again
Strange Talk | Climbing Walls
Bobby C Sound TV | Unconditional
Phoenix | Armistice (RAC remix)
I Blame Coco | Turn Your Back On Love (Plastic Plates remix)
Hudson Mohwake | FUSE
Area Social | The Blow Is Back
Rayko | Gettin' Down
Chromeo | Hot Mess
The Yoots | Nga Iwi E
Ben l'Oncle Soul | I Kissed A Girl
Disco Tom | Goldie's Boogie
The Drop Out Orchestra | Release Myself
Deadly Sins | I Don't Know (Roller Boogie edit)
Lindstrom & Christabelle | Baby Can't Stop
Nu:Tone with 4Hero & Natalie Williams | Invisible
The Kenneth Bager Experience with Gisli | Fragment One (...And I Kept Hearing)
Sleazy McQueen | Do It Again (The Thrill re-edit)
Martin Solveig with Dragonette | Hello
Two Door Cinema Club | What You Know
The Chemical Brothers with Wayne Coyne | The Golden Path
Natalie Walker | Cool Kids
The Rebirth | Evil Vibrations
Los Charly's Orchestra | Rio Chico's Sunset
Groove Collective | Everything Is Changing (Jay Jeffrey Naked edit)
Mayer Hawthorne | A Long Time
Symbol Skrip | My Dear Liar
Lette Mbulu | Kilimanjaro (The Revenge edit)
Bulletproof with Maya & Vanya | Hot Nights
Holy Ghost! | Hold On (Blackjoy remix)

29 May 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 29 May "In The Pocket with 90"

Hi Voltage | Let's Get Horny
Harvey Mason | Groovin' You
Symbol Skrip | Baby
Skyy | Call Me
Superbreak | Body Bait (Superbreak Disco edit)
Corsican Brothers | Break You Off
Homework | Hold Me Tight
Dublex Inc. | N.H.L. (I Wish Those Days)
Slynk | Everyday Poppa
Ben l'Oncle Soul | Say You'll Be There
Jeffree | Love's Gonna Last (Recloose edit)
Duff Disco | A Tribute To Barry
Gazeebo | Double Lover
The Marvelettes | Too Many Fish In The Sea (B.Cause Ooh! edit)
Mayer Hawthorne | Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (El Camino remix)
Bernard Wright | Haboglabotribin
Gil Scott-Heron | Home Is Where The Hatred Is
The Nite-Liters | Afro Strut
Quincy Jones | Summer In The City
Mickey Murray | Mama's Got The Wagon
Sweet Stuff | Freaky (To You)
Ramsey Lewis | My Love For You
Leroy Hutson | Cool Out

27 May 2011

George FM Playlist Friday 27 May "In The Selectah's Pocket"

I had great fun covering for Karn Hall on the George FM Selectah show today, and even managed to squeeze in a bunch of tunes from my own selection! Alas, there was no playlist taken, as such, but my share of the tunes came from this selection below:

Spandau v Peaches | Shake Yr Ballet
Al Green | Piece Of Mine (Jayl Funk edit)
East Coast | The Rock
Gazeebo | You Ain't So Tuff
Holy Ghost! | Hold On (Blackjoy remix)
Homework | Hold Me Tight
Andy Ash | Freak
Starsgarage | The Massage
Superbreak | Body Bait (Superbreak Disco mix)
Rayko | Gettin' Down

...and if you enjoyed those I strongly suggest you get on down to The Third & Social THIS Saturday night for Bump n' Hustle, alongside my good mates Murry Sweetpants and Jay Jeffrey.

25 May 2011

Classic Review: Nightmares On Wax 'Smokers Delight'

Smokers Delight

Despite the liner notes by Nightmares On Wax aka George Evelyn himself asking that the music found on Smokers Delight should not be considered trip hop, this album is the benchmark - if not the blueprint - for that genre. Mind you, back in 1995 when this stone cold classic was originally released, trip hop music wasn't yet de riguer in cafes, hair salons and hotel lobbies worldwide. Smokers Delight was the second album from Nightmares On Wax, following a more dance floor-oriented debut, Word Of Science. For the follow up though, Evelyn got to experimenting with trip hop - which is essentially hip hop with deeper soul and less rapping. With its rubbery bass lines, low-slung funk, meandering, jazzy guitar patterns and slow-motion chocolate-smothered grooves, Smokers Delight is often described as sophisticated stoner music, but that's merely lazy alliteration. This remains an all-time classic of contemporary instrumental music and an essential album.

5 stars from 5

24 May 2011


The next in an incredibly irregular series I like to call 'Bumps' features a tasty track from the producer Jayl Funk entitled Piece Of Mine, which samples Al Green's track All Because, from his Al Green Gets Next To You album. Check out the link on the *bump* and enjoy!

22 May 2011

George FM Playlist 22nd May "The Rapture Special" In The Pocket with 90

"The Rapture Special"

Linkwood Family | Miles Away
Frank Booker | Universal Drive
Moodymann | Ol' Dirty Vinyl (U Used To Know)
Etienne De Crecy | Super Disco
Cassius | Cassius '99 remix
Prince | I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimitri From Paris edit)
Holy Ghost! | Hold On (Blackjoy remix)
Blackbelt Andersen | Mamma
Gino Soccio | It's Alright (Frico edit)
Lakeside | Fantastic Voyage
LTD | Love To The World (DJ Day edit)
Eva Gina | Gappy Daze
Mighty 7 | Call Me
Z-Factor | I Am The DJ Remix Of The Remix (Dub mix)
Tyree | Nation Of Hip House
Red Or Dread | Private Life
Goldie | Inner City Life

17 May 2011

Review: Pikachunes 'Pikachunes'

[Lil' Chief Records]

'Taking drugs in the afternoon / spending lazy Sundays drinking brews / party party every night / being with you makes me feel alright'. The self-titled debut album from one-mand-band Pikachunes aka Miles McDougall is anything but the usual twee-pop offering from the slept-on (but, very twee) Lil' Chief label. Quite the opposite in fact: this is almost impossible to listen to during daylight, revealing its true character only under cover of darkness (preferably from the midst of a dense and sweaty dance floor). Despite this, a strong pop sensibility nestles comfortably alongside a severely stripped back simplicity, eliciting feelings of desperate longing and an enticing darkness both implicit and unspoken. This hypnotic blend is at its most potent on lead single Nervous, which sounds like LCD Soundsystem fronted by Bernard Sumner or that guy from The National. Make no mistake, this is one-trick-pony material - but, oh! what a trick!

3 stars from 5

16 May 2011

Review: Sergio Dias with Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family 'We Are The Lilies'

We Are The Lilies
[Third Side / V2]

We Are The Lilies is the result of a collaboration between Parisian outfit Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family, and Sergio Dias, founder of 1960/70s Brazilian psychedelic group Os Mutantes. The album was apparently written in five days and recorded in four, and that loose, live feel adds to the overwhelming sense of sheer fun which pervades every groove. We Are The Lilies is jam-packed with ideas; song structures blown apart by bursts of brass, guitars, sitars, organ and banks of percussion, as well as guest appearances from Iggy Pop and Jane Birkin. It's as if The Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend were in a pinball battle with The Beach Boys and Frank Zappa. Dizzyingly experimental and wildly acid-drenched, We Are The Lilies is one of three things: a boldly ambitious masterpiece; an incredibly joyful celebration of collaboration; or simply a deliciously disparate guilty pleasure. You be the judge.

3 stars from 5

Review reprinted courtesy of the Waikato Times

15 May 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 15th May "In The Pocket with 90"

Salmonella Dub | Platetechtonics (Fartyboom) (Groove Corp remix)
Natalie Walker | Cool Kids
Holy Ghost! | Hold On (Blackjoy remix)
Spandau v Peaches | Shake Yr Ballet
Al Green | Piece Of Mine (Jaylfunk edit)
Normski | Still Ballin'
Gazeebo | Up, Up & Away
Slynk | Everyday Poppa
Beats International | Dub Be Good To Me
Gazeebo | I Love Me Some BJs
7 Samurai | The Moment Is Gone (Zilverzurf reggae remix)
Tweet | Oops (Oh My)
Marvin v Bob | Healing In Vain
Gwen Guthrie | Ain't Nuthin' Goin' On But The Rent
Phoenix | If I Ever Feel Better
Georg Levin | Leisure Suit
Robyn v The Cure | Closer To Konichiwa Bitches
Cameo | Single Life
Stretch | Why Did You Do It?
Lyn Christopher | Take Me With You

11 May 2011

Sick Disco Presents Into The Night

Into The Night
With Bevan Keys, DJ Philippa, Logan Baker and Made Of Horror
And Sweetpants & 90 hosting the Kitchen Party
10pm Saturday 14 May
Cassette #9
$10 on the Door

George FM Playlist Wed 11 May "Play It All In The Back Pocket with 90"

Natalie Walker | Cool Kids
Gazeebo | Loose As A Goose
Gazeebo | Shake Those Hips Bitch
Gazeebo | Money Bags
Steve Bender | The Final Thing
Superbreak | Get Over (Superbreak edit)
Vaughan Mason | Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
The Whatnauts | Help Is On The Way
Norma Jean Wright | Love Attack
Area Social | The Blow Is Back
Aurra | Nasty Disposition
Mid Air | Ease Out (The Revenge edit)
Deeep Edit | Pisces (Lost Boogie dub)
Al Green | Piece Of Mine (Jaylfunk remix)
Slynk | Everyday Poppa
Totalcult | Nice Disco
Michael Wycoff | Looking Up To You
The Jimmy Castor Bunch | It's Just Begun (Larry Levan remix)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch | It's Just Begun
Bobby C Sound TV | Boom For Rent

Wet and wild old Wenerei out there - the above selection seemed appropriate for the weather and in covering Play It All Back for Roger Perry. Take care out there...

10 May 2011

Review: Little Bushman 'Te Oranga'

Te Oranga
[Little Bushman]

Little Bushman often reference Jimi Hendrix as one of their bigger influences; but it's really his warrior spirit they seek to rouse with their gloriously orchestral cacophony of '60s psychedelic rock, lyrical folk and Maoritanga blues - and saying you sound like Hawkwind isn't anywhere near as cool, eh bro. Te Oranga is the difficult third album from the four-piece led by Warren Maxwell, surely already an official NZ music legend having also fronted Trinity Roots and played with Fat Freddys Drop. With a gentler approach than 2007's grandiose Pendulum, Te Oranga blends the song craft of The Beatles, the widescreen vision of Pink Floyd and the playing power of Led Zeppelin. Their Achilles heel is a tendency to sound like they're taking themselves very seriously, a major failing of many psych- and prog-rock bands. Happily, this occurs infrequently enough for Te Oranga to stand proudly alongside Maxwell's earlier work.

3 stars from 5

Goin' Places

Goin' Places
With Sweetpants & 90
Alternating Fridays
From 9.30pm 'til close
New Bond Street Bar
429 New North Rd, Kingsland
Get amongst!

09 May 2011

Classic Review: Butch Cassidy Sound System 'Butches Brew'

Butches Brew

(Originally released in 2004)

Butches Brew is the definition of a cult classic. The debut album from Butch Cassidy Sound System aka Glaswegian musician, writer and producer Michael Hunter is adored by those in the know - and equally impressive for first time listeners. After seven years recording for labels like Good Looking Records, Guidance and his brother's Red Hook Imprint as Pablo, Hunter began work on a project fusing his obsessino for rare breaks, hip hop and early '70s soul and jazz, with roots reggae. The diverse, fascinating and hugely enjoyable romp Butches Brew is the result: packed with vintage instruments, organic sounds, clever production - and above all else excellent songs - the album set a benchmark few have bettered. Highlights are many, but worthy of mention are storming house-tempo opener Brothers And Sisters; chillout masterclass Standing On; the rollicking title track; and a fiendishly funky reggae rub of The Meters' standard Cissy Strut. Timeless.

5 stars from 5
David Carroll

08 May 2011

Mu from Freddys interview in Groove Guide

Pick up a copy of this weeks Groove Guide magazine and have a read of the interview with DJ Mu from Fat Freddy's Drop. It's my first piece of writing for a publication which has been moving from strength to strength under the guidance and editorship of that fine fellow Sam Wicks. Get amongst!

George FM Playlist Sunday 8th May "In The Pocket with 90" Mothers Day Special

Universal Robot Band | Barely Breaking Even
Indeep | The Record Keeps Spinning
Euro Funk | Dynomite
Love De-Luxe | Here Comes That Sound Again
Rayko | Getting Down
Roy Ayers | Love Will Bring Us Back Together
Royalle Delite | I'll Be A Freak For You
Incognito | Always There
Incognito | Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
Totalcult | Nice Disco
Slynk v Ed Solo | I Wish
Am Ko | Just Chillin' Out
Eva Gina | Mandinga
Quantic & Nickodemus | Mi Swing es Tropical
Quantic Soul Orchestra | Panama City
Pharoah Sanders | You've Got To Have Freedom
Sylvia Striplin | You Can't Turn Me Away
James Brown | Woman

04 May 2011

Review: Hidden Orchestra 'Night Walks'

Night Walks
[Tru Thoughts]

I cringed when I saw the sticker on the Hidden Orchestra debut album Night Walks. For fans of Zero 7, it says. Oh, really? Those boring bastards are worthy of being name-checked on a sticker? And this from one of my all-time favourite labels, Tru Thoughts? What the hell's going on?! Luckily for my pulse rate, the Edinburgh-based group formerly known as Joe Acheson Quartet doesn't sound much like Zero 7 at all. I hear Bonobo, Clifford Gilberto, Tortoise and classical influences mixed with Morricone and Axelrod, like a 21st century musical version of Alfred Hitchcock. Hidden Orchestra seek to emulate electronic music via acoustic means, utilising traditional live instrumentation, organically assembled samples - and two live drummers. This beguiling blend of hip hop swagger, lush sweeping orchestration and post-rock experimentalism makes for an intense and rewarding listen. Cinematic, emotive, percussive, next generation music. And Zero 7 can piss right off.

4 stars from 5

02 May 2011

George FM Playlist Monday 2nd May "Groovadelica In The Pocket"

Hudson Mohawke | FUSE
Tony Allen | Kilode (Waajeed remix)
Krystal Klear | Tried For Your Love
Wes Coats | Land Of Music
Tony Cook with Dam-Funk | What's On Your Mind
Kanye West | Diamonds (J-Todd's "Gimme The Ice" remix)
Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience | The Crown
The Gap Band | Beep-A-Freak
Killer Funk Disco Allstars | Supermodels & Sponge (Cake Mosh edit)
Spektrum | Kinda New
dZiham & Kamien with General Santana & Misirli Ahmet | Sliding
Groove Armada with Red Rat & Nappy Roots | Purple Haze
Breakage with Roots Manuva | Run 'Em Out
The Kenneth Bager Experience with Gisli | Fragment One (...And I Kept Hearing)
Icasoul with Capitol A | Givin' It Up
John Arnold with Paul Randolph | Rise Up
Lee McDonald | We've Only Just Begun (TM Juke remix)
Beastie Boys | Make Some Noise
Quantic Soul Orchestra with Spanky Wilson | Don't Joke With A Hungry Man (Diesler edit)

Shouts: to Jason Eli, for letting me cover his Groovadelica show today...

01 May 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 1st May "In The Pocket with 90"

Fat Freddy's Drop | Flashback (The Electric remix)
House Shoes | Newports
Electric Wire Hustle | Experience
Foreign Exchange | Maybe She'll Dream Of Me
Mark de Clive-Lowe Presents Sy Smith | Teena (Lovergirl Syberized)
The Rebirth | This Journey In
Karlmarx | Transform
D'Angelo | Brown Sugar (Quiroga remix)
Grandmaster Flash | The Message (Roots Manuva remix)
Jill Scott | Golden (Quiroga remix)
Raphael Saadiq as Ray Ray | I Know Shuggie Otis
Ramsey Lewis | Spring High
The Blackbyrds | Rock Creek Park
Asphalt Jungle | Freakin' Time (Pt. 1)
Cameo | Keep It Hot
Skyy | First Time Around
Earth, Wind & Fire | Evil
Lonnie Liston Smith | Expansions
Sylvester | Rock The Box
Debbie Trusty | Searchin' For Your Lovin'
Candido | Thousand Finger Man
Kora | Flow (Crazy P remix)