17 August 2011

Review: The Sami Sisters 'Happy Heartbreak!'

Happy Heartbreak!
[Parrot Diva Grump Records]

When did "fun" become a dirty word in music? Not the laughing-at-someone-else kind of "fun" which gets passed off as humour; but proper "fun"? Mind you, the subject matter of Happy Heartbreak!, the independently released debut album from The Sami Sisters, doesn't sound like much fun, with all eleven songs dealing with breaking up in one way or another. What does make this album fun - and lifts it from being kinda average to very nearly fantastic - is the vocal interplay between the three sisters. Individually their voices are good without being exceptional, but when they sing together magic is made, particularly as their gorgeous close sibling harmonies are matched with intricate, yet light-as-a-feather arrangements. With masterful production from Ed Cake and Jeremy Toy, the girls glide through retro-pop, country-folk, Motown and classic '50s/'60s girl group influences, all with an irrepressible sense of self. An unashamedly pop album, and yes, "fun".

4 stars from 5

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