02 July 2011

Review: Arthur's Landing 'Arthur's Landing'

Arthur's Landing

Arhur Russell was a key figure in the downtown New York music scene of the late '70s/early '80s, who tragically passed in 1992 aged just 40. His diverse tastes saw him mix reflective acoustic work ('World Of Echo'), disco (Loose Joints, Dinosaur L), experimental pop (The Sailboats) and modern classical ('Singing Tractors'); and collaborate with artists from Talking Heads to Philip Glass. Arthur's Landing is a broad collective of musicians who worked with Russell back in the day, and this album is the first in a series of "tribute" projects. While some argue his inner circle of disciples muzak out the kinks which made Russell's originals so charming, the counter-argument is more compelling: a gorgeously languid re-work of Is It All Over My Face (under its original title Love Dancing) sums up the lovingly reverential touch lavished upon all of these tracks. Painstakingly assembled, beautifully rendered and highly recommended.

4 stars from 5

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