21 June 2011

Review: Beastie Boys 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two'

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

The Beastie Boys' first album, Licensed To Ill, was released in 1986 - alongside debuts from New Kids On The Block, Poison and Crowded House (!!). Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is only the Beasties' eighth studio album since, but we crave quality, not quantity, right? With Part One's release delayed due to a cancer scare for Adam "MCA" Yauch, most of the tracks from that album were jacked for this release. That's irrelevant though, as the trio show they still know how to rip it like few others, bouncing off each other with ridiculous ease. Disappointing guest spots from Nas and Santigold aside, this is a full-tilt, back-to-form party rocker from a resilient group of guys who've perfected their nerdy-braggadocio niche and flavour it just enough to keep it interesting, even after all these years. No-one else from the Class of '86 can say the same. Here's to growing old disgracefully.

4 stars from 5

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