25 July 2011

Review: Bachelorette 'Bachelorette'

[Particle Tracks]

The Air sure is rarified up there where Bachelorette operates. The South Island NZ-raised, East Coast US-based artist also known as Annabel Alpers has delivered yet another slice of sophisticated space case pop with her third - and apparently final - album as Bachelorette. Cleverly self-titled (her debut is called The End Of Things), Alpers brings her delicate indie pop music back to earth without sacrificing the enticing weirdness which has made all of her work so enjoyable. While the songs are more subtle and less overtly electronic than on her last album My Electric Family, she continues the lusciously dense layering of her own voice; sometimes building to massed-choir crescendos, sometimes sounding like Bjork or a seriously stoned Enya, and other times hinting at Stereolab or Radiohead fronted by a breathy-sounding... well, Bachelorette. The vastly talented "ugly duckling" has delivered a gorgeous swansong with this refreshingly strange and highly engaging album.

4 stars from 5

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