26 April 2011

Review: Karlmarx 'The Karlmarx Project'

The Karlmarx Project

"An instrumental soundtrack for a retrospective science fiction movie that was never made." So reads the press release accompanying this album. I usually blithely ignore marketing blather, but in this instance, it's accurate. Karlmarx is brothers Isaac Aesili and Mark McNeill, and The Karlmarx Project is their debut album. It's dripping with spacey soundscapes awash with vintage synths, off-kilter drums and space-invader melodies - imagine Vangelis playing PS3 with Dam-Funk while tripping on LSD. Though there's a dark finish, with three of the last four tracks beatless, the mood is uplifting. Standouts include Knight Rider's alternate theme tune ( !! ), Leaning Shadows; the loose-limbed haze-funk of Wakatipu; and Transform, with its Gary Numan referencing bassline. Despite the lack of vocals, traditional melodies or song structures as such, the bulk of these tracks build beautifully, revealing their charms over repeated listens - but treat this as background music at your peril. Compelling.

3 and 1/2 stars from 5

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