12 February 2011

For Your Ears aka Random Review: Anna Coddington - Cat & Bird

Cat & Bird

Some people make this music lark look easy. Anna Coddington is one of those people.

One her 2nd solo album, Cat & Bird, Coddington effortlessly glides through a balanced set of exceptional indie pop. Deceptively simple sounding, with each listen the songs reveal subtle turns of phrase & clever melodic interplay between the stellar band - producer & guitarist Ned Ngatae, drummer Riki Gooch (Trinity Roots), bassist Mike Hall (Nightchoir) & keyboardist/vocalist L.A. Mitchell (Dave Dobbyn).

Cat & Bird has a more guitar-driven, full band sound than her excellent, alt-country influenced debut The Lake, but long-time fans need not worry: there are also a handful of gorgeous, delicate & incredibly touching songs here, showcasing Coddington's considered approach & strong vocals.

Her unassuming presentation belies a clever song-writing brain & though she's relatively unknown, Cat & Bird is further evidence Coddington is a NZ artist we willl treasure in years to come.

4 stars from 5

Review reprinted courtesy of Waikato Times

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