03 August 2011

Review: Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 'From Africa With Fury: Rise'

From Africa With Fury: Rise
[Knitting Factory Records / Because Music]

So it does run in the family. From Africa With Fury: Rise is the second album from Seun Kuti, youngest son of Nigerian firebrand and Afrobeat innovator - some would say inventor, but I give Tony Allen props - Fela Kuti. Seun played alongside Fela in the mighty Egypt 80 as a boy, but age has not wearied the band, with the extraordinary power and scorching rhythms found here belying their many years in the game. This is a much more satisfying album than 2008's Many Things, showing Seun finding his own voice as a songwriter, singer and bandleader. Produced by Brian Eno (yes, that one) with John Reynolds, From Africa With Fury is a monster fed by breakneck tempos and combative lyricism. While there is weight to the argument it suffers from a lack of diversity, that's a minor gripe when the excitement levels are set so high. Embrace the fury!

3 and 1/2 stars from 5

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