17 May 2011

Review: Pikachunes 'Pikachunes'

[Lil' Chief Records]

'Taking drugs in the afternoon / spending lazy Sundays drinking brews / party party every night / being with you makes me feel alright'. The self-titled debut album from one-mand-band Pikachunes aka Miles McDougall is anything but the usual twee-pop offering from the slept-on (but, very twee) Lil' Chief label. Quite the opposite in fact: this is almost impossible to listen to during daylight, revealing its true character only under cover of darkness (preferably from the midst of a dense and sweaty dance floor). Despite this, a strong pop sensibility nestles comfortably alongside a severely stripped back simplicity, eliciting feelings of desperate longing and an enticing darkness both implicit and unspoken. This hypnotic blend is at its most potent on lead single Nervous, which sounds like LCD Soundsystem fronted by Bernard Sumner or that guy from The National. Make no mistake, this is one-trick-pony material - but, oh! what a trick!

3 stars from 5

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