09 May 2011

Classic Review: Butch Cassidy Sound System 'Butches Brew'

Butches Brew

(Originally released in 2004)

Butches Brew is the definition of a cult classic. The debut album from Butch Cassidy Sound System aka Glaswegian musician, writer and producer Michael Hunter is adored by those in the know - and equally impressive for first time listeners. After seven years recording for labels like Good Looking Records, Guidance and his brother's Red Hook Imprint as Pablo, Hunter began work on a project fusing his obsessino for rare breaks, hip hop and early '70s soul and jazz, with roots reggae. The diverse, fascinating and hugely enjoyable romp Butches Brew is the result: packed with vintage instruments, organic sounds, clever production - and above all else excellent songs - the album set a benchmark few have bettered. Highlights are many, but worthy of mention are storming house-tempo opener Brothers And Sisters; chillout masterclass Standing On; the rollicking title track; and a fiendishly funky reggae rub of The Meters' standard Cissy Strut. Timeless.

5 stars from 5
David Carroll

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