16 December 2010

Radio Ponsonby Record Review: Walter Gibbons 'Jungle Music'

History is a funny thing.

Important periods of history are often condensed into bulletpoints or a handful of names designed to invoke an accepted wisdom.

A good example would be New York dance music legends like Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan & David Mancuso, whose names invoke images of decadent mid-‘70s parties with heaving crowds of largely black gay men dancing with abandon to early disco & proto-house anthems.

However, the DJ those famous names above (& more) flocked to watch when they’d finished their own sets each night was a slightly built white guy by the name of Walter Gibbons.

One of the most important & yet unheralded DJs & remixers in dance music history, Gibbons was a pioneer of both reel to reel edits & the remix, while also inadvertantly acting as a tangible link between early hip hop & disco – he was extending the “break” of a record by playing two copies back-to-back seamlessly at a similar time Kool Herc began his famed block parties across town in the Bronx.

Jungle Music is an archive collection of essential & unreleased edits & remixes assembled from 1976-1986, a period which spans the release of the first ever 12” single – Gibbons’ remix of Double Exposure’s ‘10 Percent’ – to his “discovering” God & stepping back entirely from the groundbreaking, heavily percussive & often deeply trippy remixes which are found here.

These excitingly raw & uninhibited tracks - many of which push the 10min mark - may not be to everyone’s slick, modern dance music tastes, but as an historical document ‘Jungle Music’ is nothing short of essential.

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