22 April 2011

Review: Mark de Clive-Lowe 'Leaving This Planet' EP

Leaving This Planet EP

To these ears Mark de Clive-Lowe is one of our more successful musical exports. Sure, he's not Neil Finn and he can't pull punters to shows like the Exponents might, but he remains fiercely innovative and incredibly highly regarded amongst musicians and music lovers globally. From having worked with the West London broken beat alumni to key underground soul scenes in the US, MdCL has an address book to die for and chops for days. Those skills are present on Leaving This Planet, a diverse and exciting self-released five-track EP which precedes his forthcoming Renegades album. Featuring appearances from Bembe Segue, Sharlene Hector, Tawiah, Dego and more, the flawlessly produced EP (with covers of songs by Gene Harris and Charles Earland) moves from soulful afro-dancefloor bounce (Dreams) to otherworldly twisted bruk (Eight), with a little house v downtempo (What It Is) thrown in to keep y'all guessing. Album please!

4 stars from 5

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