17 April 2011

Review: Treefight For Sunlight 'Self-Titled'

Treefight For Sunlight
Treefight For Sunlight
[Bella Union]

Every once in a while a debut album arrives so fully-formed it knocks you off your feet. Treefight For Sunlight is one of those rare creatures. Released on Bella Union, the self-titled debut from the Danish four-piece (plus songwriting and performing producer Aske Zidore) is something special for fans of indie pop. Epic in scale yet instimate in scope, deliciously ambitious yet supremely focused, the album generates feelings of optimism and euphoria yet retains a depth and layering which thorougly maintains interest. This is the '60s West Coast pop of The Beach Boys and The Turtles caramelised with the propulsive rhythms and muscular orchestration of Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend. Or perhaps Brian Wilson refereeing a wrestling match between MGMT and Empire Of The Sun. Either way, there are very few low moments amongst this harmony-drenched sunshine pop which showcases exellent songwriting and melodic eloquence from start to finish.

4 stars from 5

Review reprinted courtesy of Waikato Times

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