11 April 2011

Review: DUFFSTEP Getting To Sirius

Getting To Sirius
[Join The Dots]

When is dubstep not dubstep? When it's cleverly crafted, lushly layered and dripping with humour, pathos and sexuality. Young UK producer Duffstep aka Jeremy Duffy’s debut artist album Getting To Sirius, follows a slew of re-edits as Duff Disco, including rampant European dancefloor fillers from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mark Morrison, Steve Miller and others. Getting To Sirius is creating quiet undercurrents worldwide and helping to redefine open-ended bass music in 2011, taking it beyond testosterone-fuelled aggressive posturing. Sure there are elements of dubstep present on the album, but in reality they’re daubs of slow, squelchy beats with a little wobble. To these ears this lush, considered downtempo music sounds more like Love Unlimited Orchestra getting into bed with Kruder & Dorfmeister, or the Cinematic Orchestra. It’s all very low-slung and sexy, with slow tempos and a hazy atmosphere throughout only serving to heighten the inherent sensuality here. A treat.

4 stars from 5

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