11 May 2011

George FM Playlist Wed 11 May "Play It All In The Back Pocket with 90"

Natalie Walker | Cool Kids
Gazeebo | Loose As A Goose
Gazeebo | Shake Those Hips Bitch
Gazeebo | Money Bags
Steve Bender | The Final Thing
Superbreak | Get Over (Superbreak edit)
Vaughan Mason | Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
The Whatnauts | Help Is On The Way
Norma Jean Wright | Love Attack
Area Social | The Blow Is Back
Aurra | Nasty Disposition
Mid Air | Ease Out (The Revenge edit)
Deeep Edit | Pisces (Lost Boogie dub)
Al Green | Piece Of Mine (Jaylfunk remix)
Slynk | Everyday Poppa
Totalcult | Nice Disco
Michael Wycoff | Looking Up To You
The Jimmy Castor Bunch | It's Just Begun (Larry Levan remix)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch | It's Just Begun
Bobby C Sound TV | Boom For Rent

Wet and wild old Wenerei out there - the above selection seemed appropriate for the weather and in covering Play It All Back for Roger Perry. Take care out there...

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