25 July 2011

Radio Ponsonby Playlist Fri 22 July "Expansions"

I felt like making you do some diggin' for the songs from today's playlist, so have provided only song titles for you. Shouldn't take a rocket scientist to sort it out, aye, especially with Google+ all up in our grills...

Dirty Jazz Jointz
Rise (Daz edit)
Late Night Drop
El Diablo
Whole Loada Shizzle
Sweet Bill
Thinking About Your Love (Koko Garito edit)
A Special Love
Flight 106
Funky Song (Jayl Funk edit)
All Green
Come Into My Life (Onur Engin edit)
Get It Up For Love
Put The Freez On (Rayko edit)
All The Time We Need (original)
Disco Forever
Moo Juice (Benji Boko & BOYCOM remix vocal)
Chance With You (Stickybuds Reconnection)
Spottieottiedopealicious (DJ Angola edit)http://www.radioponsonby.co.nz

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