28 July 2011

Radio Ponsonby Playlist Thu 28 July "The Long Black"

Step up to the plate: I had a call from Sweetpants yesterday asking if I'd like to cover his breakfast show this morning, as he'd managed to score an interview with Morgan Spurlock, he of Super Size Me fame. I said yes, as you do. So, check out the playlist and click here to listen to the audio - and the interview, where Morgan speaks about his latest "Doc-Buster" film, POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which is part of this year's International Film Festival lineup.

D'Angelo | Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Rick James | Gettin' It On (In The Sunshine)
Chet Faker | No Diggity
Gecko Turner | Monosabio Blues
Skull Snaps | It's A New Day Redux
Gene Harris | The Look Of Slim
Sola Rosa with Four-D | Del Ray
Rae & Christian with Veba | Spellbound (Old English remix)
Holy Ghost! | Do It Again
Rayko | Ipanema Boogie
Disco Tech | Get Lifted
Chapter Three | Smurf Trek (The Revenge edit)
* Morgan Spurlock interview *
40 Thieves | Backward Love
Cherie Mathieson | Tomorrow's Day
Ben Sidran | About Love (Seegweed edit)
Five Special | Why Leave Us Alone (Larry Levan remix)
BLT | Tighten It Up
Charanga '79 | Good Times

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  1. 9 points for Gene Harris
    7.5 points for D'Angelo
    6.8 points for any song with the word "Disco" in the title