26 June 2011

George FM Playlist Sunday 26 June "In The Pocket with 90"

Once again I thank goodness the boss hasn't installed a webcam in the George studio yet, as I needed to shake a tailfeather today whilst playing these tunes...

Micronism | Constructing Space
Aaron Jerradji | NYCom
Drop Out City Rockers | Man On The Run
Neil Diablo | The Feeling
Timewarp Inc. | Discjoint (Onur Engin edit)
Jaylfunk | Let's Dance
Rockers Revenge | Walking On Sunshine (Greg Wilson edit)
Trujillo | Looking Up Through You
M.J. Cole | Sincere
2Trix & Ninia | Can't Stop Moving
Yaxkin Retrodisko | Bonanza
Symbol Skrip | Baby
Andy Ash | Freak
Justin Simmons | I Need My Disco Fix
Sir Mix-A-Lot | Baby Got Back (Mr Wick-It & Axis edit)
Prince | Chelsea Rodgers
Jean Claude Gavri | Les Dance
Dez Andres | A Time To Boogie
Sleeve | Get It On

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