23 March 2009

George FM Playlist 22nd March

Aye up!

First of all, "NICE ONE!" to those who braved the cold & rain to make it out to Craigavon Park last weekend, for the final George FM Park Party.

Myself & my man Bobby Brazuka were wondering if anyone was going to show up for a wee while, but you guys impressed us by arriving prepared: that is, with raincoats, umbrellas, tarpaulins to tie in the trees, gazebos & tents!

Man, I love George FM.

And for those of you wondering about last week's playlist? Well, the show was live-to-air from Sale St, so keeping a playlist was a near impossibility. Apologies. Wrap your goggles around the playlist from this weekend instead...

Dwilt Sharpp with Lorett Fleur | I Need You Close [Favourite]
Mr Day | If I Can't Love You (Vadim remix feat. Yarah Bravo) [Favourite]
Lizzy Parks | Forever & A Day (Eric Lau remix) [Tru Thoughts]
Julien Dyne with Parks | Fallin' Down [From The Crates]
Syrup | Connection [Compost]
Tahuna Breaks | Empower Me [Independent]
Quantic & Nickodemus with Tempo & The Candela Allstars | Mi Swing es Tropical (Zeb's Reggae remix) [Candela]
Gotan Project | Arrabal (Haaksman & Haaksman Hopper remix feat. Ras Donovan) [Ya Basta!]
Don Blackman | Heart's Desire [Mastercuts]
Freedom Express | Get Down [Soul Cal]
Key & Cleary with The Chosen Few Band | What It Takes To Live [Soul Cal]
Mixed Feelings | Sha-La-La [Soul Cal/Kay Dee]
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro | Wandering Star [Tru Thoughts]
TM Juke with Sophie Faricy | Come Away [Tru Thoughts]
Mr Scruff | Get On Down [Ninja Tune]
Beatfanatic | Like A Sound [Soundscape]
Joseph Malik | Take It All In & Check It All Out [Compost]
Dublex Inc. | Repercusion [Pulver]
Major Swellings | Rompenridder [Noid]
dZihan & Kamien with General Santana & Misirli Ahmet | Sliding [Couch]
Nostalgia 77 with The Fiction Trio | My Name Is... [Tru Thoughts]

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