09 December 2009

George FM Playlist 6th December 2009

Read Or Dread | Private Life
Hearin' Aid with Tony Clifton | Higher
Simbad with Steelo | Fever
Oscar Sharp with Melo | Runaway
Foreign Exchange | Sincere
Alice Russell | Got The Hunger? (DJ Vadim remix)
Bittersweet | Overdue (Blackbeard remix)
Palov & Mishkin | Rata Del
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro | The Dreaming Mind (Pt. 1)
Downtown Brown | Mr Brown
Josh Rouse | Wonderful
Sa-Ra Creative Partners | Love Czars
Nitin Sawhney | Sunset
Little Dragon | Mever Never
Alice Russell | Got The Hunger? (Llorca remix)
Trus'Me with Amp Fiddler | Pretend
Jazzanova with Shaun Escoffery | Boom Clicky Boom Klack (Mr Scruff remix)
Clyde with Capitol A | Serve It Up
Mayer Hawthorne | Green-Eyed Love


  1. Read or Dread - please tell me where can I get this re-mix from ??? Heard it on your show and it's stuck in my brain

  2. Nice one Lindsey...

    I play this from the Ubiquity Records compilation Rewind Vol. 2. The whole series is brilliant, with bands doing (quite often radicallY) different cover versions of songs they love.

    Check out www.ubiquityrecords.com