29 January 2012

Playlist: George FM 'In The Pocket' Sun 29 Jan

No Requests & MFKH | Jonesin' For You
Crazy Penis | A Night On Earth
Gazebo | Dirty Jazzy Jointz
One Funky Soul | Bless You
Mark de Clive-Lowe with Nia Andrews | Hooligan
Duff Disco | Sister Wha
Tweet | Boogie II Night
Ooft! | Mazin'
Chris Awesome | Happy Times
Rayko | Come & Get Your Loving
Mashed Up Funk | Weekend Boogie
New Edition | Once In A Lifetime Groove (Ooft! edit)
Homework | Lenny
Daniel Lucas | After Dark
Led Zeppelin | All Of My Love (Slow Hands re-do)
Late Nite Tuff Guy | Pull Us Apart (LNTG rework)
Pumpkin Patch | Blueberry Jam
Queen | Another One Bites The Dust (La Royale edit)
Lewis McCallum with Cherie Mathieson v MJ | Deviate v PYT

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