13 February 2013

Spotlight: Madeaux 'EP'

One of the perks of this "job" (how my parents laugh when I describe what I do as such) is being sent fresh, exciting, new music (or fresh, exciting, old music, for that matter) and being exposed to a whole bunch of stuff I would've otherwise probably never even knew existed.

Like Madeaux.

Released on LessThan3 Recordings, this four-track EP (which stretches out to 20min in length) showcases the young producer's hip 'sound-of-now'. He describes it as "chopped and screwed electronic soul" and "underwater pop music", and I'm happy enough with that to regurgitate it here without sarcasm; and would add I also feel the influence of the likes of Madeaux's peers Disclosure, Flying Lotus, and perhaps even J Dilla.

(Regular readers of this blog will be aware I can be scathing of folks I feel are leaning a little too heavily on the legacy of Dilla in finding their own sound. Thankfully, this is not the case with Madeaux.)

I'm probably feeling the treacle-deep groove of opening track Departing the most, though the twisting drum patterns of both Transatlantic Rhapsody and Midnight Sun (featuring guest vocalist Beca) recall the best bits of UK garage, two-step and broken beat, which I'm loving re-visiting right now. Closer Accidentals indulges in a little glitch and some heavy, heavy bass, and ensures this EP finishes with a stylish flourish.

Take a listen to the EP in the player below, or follow one of the many links in the piece above. When you're done, head on over to Beatport to nab your own copy...

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