22 October 2013

LIVE: Expansions | Fri 8 Nov

It's All Good Presents
A Night Of Wide Vibes
Jay Jeffrey
Bevan Keys
and AWDJ
From 8pm
Fri 8 Nov
No Door - Bring Yr Smile

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The scene is Anycity. The time is after dark. The day is the weekend, because any time after dark is, by default, the weekend. Work is over. The straight world has gone to bed, doors firmly bolted against the hustlers and the johns; the cops, the robbers and the mack daddies; the heads, the jazz cats and the beat freaks. This is the world into which we beckon you, brave listener.

Jay 'Fat Albert' Jeffrey, Bevan Keys, Richard 'AWDJ' Crafter and David 'Nyntee' Carroll delve deep to deliver the goodness. And the badness. Just the way you never knew you liked it. You'll hear tough jazz funk, syrupy sweet soul, Latin flavoured floor fillers, left-footed house, car chase music, cosmic lazer disco and plenty more besides.

This is how we get wide - with an open mind.

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