05 June 2014

Music: From Me To You

MUSIC: From Me To You... For Free...

Over on the left hand side of this blog is a lil' list of interesting tidbits, time-consuming procrastinators and shenanigan-inducing behavioural suggestions. Among them are a bunch of mixtapes I've lovingly assembled - the 'A Pocket Sized Mixtape' series.

Currently there are three volumes available for download, from either Soundcloud or Mixcloud...

Vol. 1: In The Pocket / Workinonit   ( sound / mix )
Vol. 2: Lazy Hazy Days   ( sound / mix )
Vol. 3: Through The Clouds   ( sound / mix )

Oh, and I've another trilogy of sorts ready to load up, so it might well be worth checking back there every now and then. If you like the music, that is...

I reckon you just might.

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