21 August 2014

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 8: Mo' Fruity, Mo' Funky

'A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 8' pushes the FRUIT and the FUNK to levels seldom seen before in the series. From South America, to Africa, to Indonesia and to Aotearoa, via the US, Spain and France, this mix is designed for maximum fruity pleasure - imagine yourself on a beautiful sandy beach in a secluded cove, quite probably nude, surrounded by like-minded others with this soundtrack seeping into your bones... Mo' Fruity, Mo' Funky indeed.

Listen and download on Soundcloud, or Mixcloud.
(ps. track listing is on the Mixcloud page...)

 As is my way, the 'Pocket Sized Mixtape' series are grouped into lil' arrangements of three - and completing this fruity, funky menage-a-trois is 'Vol. 9', coming very soon...

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