25 September 2014


Some of you may vaguely be aware that Base FM is not the first radio station I've presented a radio show upon.

I made my humble beginnings waaay back upstairs in St. Kevin's Arcade, on Auckland's Karangahape Rd, with the mighty lil' KFM (still broadcasting on 106.9FM, though now from across the road in a much more salubrious surrounding), before picking up the Sunday noon set on George FM. I took over the from the legendary (and legendarily proud naturist) Darrell Aardvark, and settled there, playing every Sunday afternoon for many years; before growing disenchanted with the direction the station was taking under corporate ownership and jumping across to Radio Ponsonby. That short-lived, but brightly-burning station almost saw me give radio away, before an opportunity came to re-ignite my love for broadcasting at Base FM.

The George FM show was the first to be called 'In The Pocket', and the Radio Ponsonby show which saw the first use of the title 'Expansions'. When I started here at Base, I unthinkingly settled on the former, when the truth is, the music I enjoy playing on Base FM suits the latter...

For me, 'In The Pocket' was always about having a good time on a Sunday afternoon, and connecting with the right kind of relaxed, inclusive vibe that'd bring the most pleasure to the most people. On the other hand, 'Expansions' is more about pushing boundaries, taking people a little further than they're necessarily comfortable with, and just generally doing a little more exploring of our many musical soundscapes.

So, I guess this is the officially unofficial re-brand of my Base FM radio show, to:


The time stays the same. The day stays the same. The steez stays the same. One other small change, is that I'm going to begin posting these weekly radio shows on my MixCloud page. They'll be all-killer, no-filler; all music, no chatting; always available for listening, and with no time limits. I hope you enjoy the ride...

Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
Streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz
Also available at www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Sivey | Pillow Talk
Full Crate | Never Never
Lost Midas | Off The Course
Lost Midas | Off The Course (Captain Supernova Chariot mix)
Kratos Himself | Razor Leaves (Walrii remix)
Electric Wire Hustle | Look In The Sky
Electric Wire Hustle | Loveless
The Elder Statesman | Montreaux Sunrise (Tee Cardaci's Ipanema Sunrise remix)
The Stepkids | Lottery
Mr Scruff | So Long
Dam Funk | Inside Of U
Sinah with Phoenix Troy | Just OK (Deep Shoq edit)
Roni Size Reprazent | Heroes (Kruder and Dorfmeister remix)
H.F. | White Clouds (Day's Rhodes More Travelled edit)
Zikomo | Champion Riddim
Nightmares On Wax | Hear In Colour
Lyric Jones with Daniel Skyhigh McClain | Tall
Esta | Luna
Daktyl and Howie Lee | Marlena
Quantic with Nidia Gongora | Muavelo Negro (Werkha remix)
Lord Echo | Digital Haircut (dub)
Potatohead People | Blossoms (Nick Wisdom remix)
Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 | Freedom (Zombie Dance Parts 1 and 2)
Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 | Quiet Dawn Dub
Burial | Archangel (Kasbo remix)
Rocket Empire with Tatiana Alvarez | Bubbly
Hidden Orchestra | Wandering
Starship Connection | We Can Go All Night
7 Days Of Funk | Do My Thang

Available for streaming AND download right here.

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