04 December 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | TuneIn App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Advocate | Astral Visions
KA-YU | Vies and Eng
Sinh with Natty Reeves | Love (Sound)
JR Jarris | All The Girls
Chef Red | You
Handbook | Losing Touch
KLNLLS/Kaelin Ellis | Jewels
Dubson | Bitter Sweet
KRNE | Jump On
Alex Wiley | Ova (YMNO remix)
Waajeed | The Dragon
Tone Ra | Abduction
Electric Wire Hustle | Bottom Line
Santi | Trippy
Krs | Linguistics
DC | Why
oriJanus | Bonita
Morcee | How Good It Is
Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion | Love On A Real Train (Risky Business)
Kevin Abstract | Starchild
Eric Lau with Tawiah | For You
3 Foot People | Childsplay
Viktor Vaughn | Saliva
Sinh with Natty Reeves | Love (Sound) (reprise)
VKTA | Don't Explain
Seeba and Lotek | Sonic Winds
Mothica with DIVERSA | Visions
Pharrell | Beautiful (J-Louis edition)
Ghost Writerz with G.O.L.D. and Shiffa Dan | Back It Up
oriJanus with Tek.lun and Zikomo | Hot remix
Zikomo | Time
Silk Rhodes | Personal Use

This show is now up on Mixcloud for your streaming pleasure. Go there.

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