15 January 2015


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | TuneIn App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online


Raiza Biza with Third3ye and Bianca Paulus | The Sky
Lost Midas | Off The Course (The Seshen remix)
Elefo | BOiBOiBOi
Dexter Brandon | Just Us, Baby
Singularis | Rain
PUSHER. | Feel U
Tre Mission | Boy In The Corner
All.U.Need | Konichiwa
Duffstep | Free
Africa Hitech | Glangslap
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu | PonPonPon (GRRL remix)
Jonwayne and Jonti | Uh Oh
Beatspacek | Gotta Get Some Music
Tom Misch | Can't Explain It
Rhye | The Fall (Pazmal Slow Down)
The Stepkids | Wanderers
Malty Media | No Sparky
Bluestaeb | Come On
Kissey Asplund | Work It Out
Artwrkr | Vapr
Tweet | Drunk
Covex with Anna Scholfield | Fly Away
Teeko | Tenshun (You And I Are You)
Karlmarx Project | Distant Future
YK | Sickle Snare
Micronism | Rainbow City
Moralz | Vapourwave
Mapps | Glacier
Stwo | Confused
Braeden Bailey | Promise
Jill Scott x Kool and The Gang | Whatever (Audio Savage's Summer Madness mix)

Go to mixcloud.com/nyntee for a full radio show archive

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