21 November 2014

And This... #2: Chloe Martini

Chloe Martini

I don't know a lot about Chloe Martini, and the little I do know is gathered from her soundcloud page. So now we're even.

The 21yr old Polish producer has put out a bunch of sideways remixes of folks like Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani, and they're worth a listen, but it's her own stuff which has really lit a fuse for me. Particularly this moody lil' beast below, 'Temptation'. Yeah, sure it's almost a year old and she has a new EP about to drop, but it's compelling stuff, and has really switched me onto the soulfulness that is sadly not often enough found in bass-heavy music.

How do you say 'that's awesome!' in Polish...?

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