24 November 2014

And This... #3: Titeknots + Tru Thoughts 15th Anniversary

And This...

I'm a big fan of Tru Thoughts. Have been since the early days (don't they all say that?) and am proud to have repped them and their artists hard, both personally and professionally. One of my enduring memories of the label was the warmth, friendliness, free records and delicious food I was supplied with when I was lucky enough to get to Brighton - and even co-host a Breakfast Radio show with Sweetpants, and TM Juke, Natural Self with label-boss Rob Luis, from a flat in some leafy street in the seaside city.

They're celebrating their 15th Anniverary in 2014, and I'm bloody stoked for them. Consistently strong releases and a willingness to press wax at every possible opportunity continues to win me over. Getting Alice Russell back on board was always going to be a winner, too. Talk about enduring memories.

Anyway, I could've picked any one of a number of tunes to highlight the milestone for the label, but I've gone with one from the compilation 2CD you can pick up now. It's a track with a whiff of early-Quantic to it, but it comes courtesy of one of the label's more recent signings, Titeknots. This young UK producer has released a string of bangin' singles, all twisting house music into some bloody interesting - and increasingly danceable - shapes. I like. I reckon you might, too. Listen to the single 'Hummingbirds' here, or in the player below.

Titeknots website.
Tru Thoughts website.

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