06 March 2012

Playlist: George FM 'Free Range' Tue 6 Mar

It's been, oh, about one day since I was on the radio last, so just as well the boss rang asking me to cover Soane's show this morning. I was almost starting to get withdrawal symptoms...

Electric Wire Hustle | Perception
Julien Dyne | Burritoe
Duff Disco | Crazy For Duff
Livingstone & Canosis | Walk On The Wild Side
Rayko | Broadway
Lord Echo | Wang East
Jean Claude Gavri | Flight 106 (Analog Synthology Trip)
Daniel Lucas | After Dark
Greg Wilson | Full-Tilt Boogie
Keep Schtum | Hang Together
Sixth Avenue Express | Can't Stop Feelin'
Renegades Of Jazz | Moo Juice (Benji Boko & BOY COM remix vocal)
Marlena Shaw | California Soul (A-Skillz remix)
Jay-Z & Kanye West | Otis (A-Skillz remix)
Chris Malinchak | There I Was
Psychemagik | Boogie Drome
Lindstrom & Christabelle | Baby Can't Stop
P-Money & Vince Harder | Everything
Funk Moguls v Avicii | Superstar Levels
Allen Hoist | Inner City Blues (4Hero remix)

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