21 March 2012

Review: Mo Kolours 'EP2: Banana Wine'

EP2: Banana Wine
[One Handed Music]

Beguiling. That nicely sums up EP2: Banana Wine, from the half-Mauritian, half-English, half-percussionist, half-beatmaker known as Mo Kolours. Drawing on influences as diverse as Madlib, Theo Parrish, El Guincho and Lee 'Scratch' Perry, this seven-track EP (plus a fitting leftfield house remix by Beautiful Swimmers) is a fascinating blend of the music of Mo Kolours' ancestral home and that of his current base in South London. More so than on EP1: Drum Talking. And you ain't gonna find this filed in the 'World Music' section of your local record store. While EP opener Ridda Mountain and following track Twelve weave their slow-motion magic through a thick cloud of hash smoke, both Mini Culcha and Talking Move are much more uptempo, meshing the Sega music of Mo Kolours' homeland with squelchy synth chords and digitised rhythms. It's this relative diversity which gives the EP much of its charm; though Mo Kolours' unassuming voice brings a certain realness and warmth wholly in keeping with the thick layers of chords and bass-lines found here. Impressively different without being dis-jointed or over-reaching, this is an assured step from an artist who clearly has big tings gwaan.

4 stars from 5

Check out EP2: Banana Wine for yourself here, and find out more about Mo Kolours here.

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