23 April 2012

Highlight: Unknown Artist 'Climbing Girl/La Groove'

'Climbing Girl / La Groove'

Due to a ghost in the machine the playlist from last Sunday's In The Pocket with 90 show was lost in the ether. Rather annoying that, as I had the pleasure of a guest appearance from CoopaBlu, who dropped a lovely selection of soulful funky stuff - more than appropriate for a Sunday afternoon.

In lieu of said rogue playlist, I've decided to highlight a piece of vinyl I played during the show, and which I purchased very recently from those fine fellows at Conch Records. By an unknown artist, this actually quite rare (I had no idea as I was making the purchase, I promise you) 12" white label is a tasty slice of what I'm calling 'slow disco'. Both sides revolve around an ever-repeating and steadily-building riff, with organs, guitars, percussion and subtle change-ups providing the impetus to keep the tracks bubbling along nicely.

Follow this link to have a listen to a little of each track from this worthy Japanese-released 12" single. I promise I'll drop it on another of my radio shows soon...

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