28 April 2012

Highlight: V. B. Kuehl

It's always a treat to receive music "in the mailbag" (as it were) from folks anywhere, be they just down the road - or in Germany, as is the case in this instance. V.B. Kuehl is a producer based in Frankfurt, who makes electronic music with a twist - there are elements of live instrumentation throughout much of his work, most notably on the track I'm highlighting here, Arab Spring. A highly emotive piece of music as it is, listen to the song first and then take a look at the video for the track here, utilising some incredible photographs by Ferhat Bouda. It's a truly remarkable pairing.

For more music from V.B. Kuhl, check out his soundcloud page; and take a look at some of his design work here. Thanks Volker!

Arab Spring by V.B.Kühl

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