30 April 2012

RIP: Volume Magazine

It's a sad day today.

Here in New Zealand we're not exactly blessed with a high quality of street press or weekly magazines, zines or other printed reading matter. Costs prohibit, I understand that. But Volume magazine was supposed to be something different - bankrolled by APN Publishing and connected with the NZ Herald's large online following, this was a proper "yoof" magazine which had the backing of the big boys.

Or so we thought.

Despite stamping its personality on our scene almost immediately, and after only thirty three issues, Volume magazine is no longer. Apparently a lack of online audience was enough to convince its owners that there was no future in reporting on music that's slightly outside the realm of commercial Top 40 fodder.

More frustratingly, just at the beginning of NZ Music Month, one of the true champions of local content has been axed. You couldn't have waited another month, at least?

So, very sad news, as it leaves a gulf in quality street press here in NZ, and once more means that talented folks like Sam Wicks and Hugh Sundae are again forced to forge a path for themselves (and for those who they believe in) in a media world where the deck remains stacked against them.

Good luck, lads, I'll be aiming to do more than simply cheer you on.

RIP Volume Magazine

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