14 May 2012

Review: Eddie Numbers 'Another Day In Paradise'

Another Day In Paradise

One of my Facebook friends (and, as it happens, real life acquaintances) mentioned the other day that we should define ourselves not as generation x, or y or whatever, but rather we should align ourselves with the musical genre we grew up with. His was hip hop. While I'm unsure as to what mine actually is (it can't be yacht rock, surely...?), I know it ain't hip hop. There are hip hop artists I like a lot (The Roots, Madlib, Latyrx, Foreign Exchange, etc.) but I usually steer clear of "reviewing" hip hop albums as I just don't feel qualified enough to offer strong, considered opinion. In this case though, I'm making an exception. Another Day In Paradise is the debut album from New Zealand group Eddie Numbers, and it's not strictly just a hip hop album, blending guitars, strings and layers of keys with sharp story-styled lyricism and straight-ahead micsmanship. Eddie is the frontman, and Numbers are his live band - and they're hype, laying down exceptionally-played energetic grooves for the London-born, Auckland-based emcee to grace. If The Roots are your benchmark for a live hip hop group, then you'll be feeling these guys. The over-riding lyrical themes are pretty dark though (aside from a little sharply witty hipster-baiting), touching on broken relationships, coming up tough in the city, and, er, transporting a body out to the Waitakeres in the boot of a car. Told you it was dark. Having said that, the album also contains two clear standouts: the Deftones-style Problem, which must go down a treat live; and my current favourite "hip hop" track, Never Rap Again. I'm impressed, and I can see why these guys have built up a big live following in no time at all. This album deserves the amount of hype and attention Homebrew are getting for their debut album. Get amongst.

4 stars from 5

Check out what I reckon is one of the best local tracks I've heard in a while, Never Rap Again...

Never Rap Again by Eddie Numbers


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    Great review, except describing 'Problems' as 'Deftones-style' is waaaay off the mark.

  2. Anonymous17 May, 2012

    not really in the same league as home brew tho is it? I also noticed that you haven't written anything about home brew in your blog in the past. Which probably means you aren't into them much!

    also Eddie Numbers sounds like he gets his lyrical inspiration from nursery rhymes.

    He definately needs to do some home work.

    1. Anonymous02 July, 2012

      The difference between Home Brew and Eddie Numbers? Home Brew are wasters who rap about getting high and drunk. Eddie Numbers try to talk about more than just getting munted.

    2. Anonymous02 July, 2012

      HOMEBREW CAN GET FUCKED YOU CAN ONLY WRITE ABOUT GETTING WASTED FOR SO long!!!! eddie numbers have more musical lyrical mental steeze than 3 wasters!!!!

  3. Nice one "anonymi"...

    I've only just managed to borrow a copy of Homebrew's album so am looking forward to checking it. Will see if it lives up to the hype. And there has been a lot of hype, aye? I like 'em performing live (a lot), but am getting a little tired of the 'fuck everything' routine they employ in the name of publicity. I understand they're on a tight budget, but it's kinda a little gimmicky. Whatever. I'm holding off until I hear the album.

    I didn't think Eddie's that bad lyrically - with the exception of the first track - but I'm intrigued to hear how Homebrew make their thing last over a double album!

    Also, I'm no Deftones connoisseur but I spent a bunch of time with one of their albums some years ago & Problems reminded me of it bigtime. But I acknowledge the confusion the comparison causes.

    Cheers for your comments...

  4. Anonymous18 May, 2012

    yea two different styles. eddie is pretty good too.
    the thing with homebrew though, is that they have built up the hype since 2009 (thats when i first heard of them). all their music was free. real down to earth fellas talking about real stuff. and doing it really really well.

    this double album is for those fans that have been following home brew since those early days. its a dope album but for you to actually see where they are coming from, you should listen to their old ep's.


    as for eddie numbers. seen these guys at rakinos once and they put on a good show when they opened for atmosphere too. but definately cant compare.

  5. Jamal Stead02 July, 2012

    Good on Edgar for putting out an album , Yeah people are always gonna make comparisions tte number one people ,Homebrew ,david dallas...

    its good that theres more Rappers put themselves out there in New Zealand

    More variety helps the scene grow, whether you think hes a Gifted rapper or not is irralivant
    that fact that he has put himself out there is awesome

    In life there always gonna be greater and lesser people than you

    And theres always people out there that will tell you what they think ,when they cant even do what you do

    Keep doing what you do Eddie Numbers